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Welcome… I’m Dan. So you want to know more about SEO? Great. Whether your a beginner or a pro, or simply want to know what SEO is all about, I can help. The only thing I ask for in return is your participation. It is my mission to document my understanding of the complex world of Search Engine Optimisation and the day to day learnings and observations I experience working in the industry.

I will also attempt to demystify the industry. For one, SEO is actually a core component of a larger concept ‘Internet Marketing’, therefore it would be remiss of me not to branch out into such areas as content creation, advertising, UX design, conversion analysis, site structure, site health, outreach and social.




There is a common misunderstanding among businesses looking to invest in SEO that they are purchasing the magic formula to sales. Far from it. Optimsing a site is an ongoing exercise. Even Facebook, arguably the biggest and most successful website on the planet, continues to roll out daily updates to optimise their site to remain competitive and improve their saturation of the market.

So why compete at all? If the giants of the industry continue to improve, is there any hope? Of course… With over 1/2 million words in the english language and a near infinite number of permutations in 2 and 3 word phrases, there is plenty of scope to work in.

The beauty of the internet is, that I can almost guarantee you a first position in google today. Try this… If you don’t have yourself a plot in the virtual world, you best read ‘Building a site from scratch’

  • Navigate to your homepage OR if it has no content, one that does.
  • Copy out the first sentence that doesn’t contain links or is overly punctuated.
  • Paste it into your favourite search engine with double quotes at either end of the search query.

BAM! First position. And if your not, looks like your in dire need of some SEO love, here is your first tip.

There is hope after all… So what are you waiting for? Get involved! At least 2/3′s of what is required to improve your sites presence can be done with little to no technical background. Let me walk you through it.

Authorship to ensure ownership of unique content

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